Skoda Yeti is actually not a bad car at all. Yes, it has some disadvantages like the not very comfortable rear seats, the basic plastic steering wheel, inside plastic door handles (but you can pay extra for the leather package) or the not upholstered storage spaces in doors.

In the video you will see the exterior and the interior, what you will not see is how it feels to drive, so I will try to write it down here.

The car is not big, it is actually a very maneuverable car mainly in the city and it fits in all the parking spaces without any problem. The view from the Yeti is good, mainly the look straight ahead and rearward, the sideview is not the best, but it still could be worse. So driving this car in the city is good, very good. Someone may think, that because the car is very good in the city, it won’t be good on the county roads or on the highway.


You will be surprised! And to be honest, I was very surprised. The car is very stable in all the situations. The suspension is tuned very well for this type of a car, it’s not the most comfortable suspension, but it’s at the proper level. Let me put it this way. I was able to drive the Skoda Rapid, which is a lot worse car than the Yeti. The biggest difference between these two cars is in the suspension. The Yeti is much more stable, much more comfortable than the Rapid; it simply feels better A LOT BETTER in every way than the Rapid.

The drive in the Yeti is surprisingly quiet. In this particular car was a 2.0 TDI engine which produced 81kW (110hp). The engine is not bad, the dynamics of the engine was not bad either, but I was driving alone in the car, so I don’t know how it will be with 4 people and the full trunk. I liked the accelerator, which was very accurate, and it was adjusted very well. The idle running of the engine is very quiet and smooth. But when the car goes on lower rpm in lower speeds, than the engine wasn’t that smooth as I would expect. The big advantage is, that this particular car hasn’t got the famous start-stop system in this configuration.














If I would buy a Yeti, I would choose the 2.0 TDI 110kw (150hp) with all wheel drive. I would definitely not buy the Skoda Rapid, and don’t buy the Skoda Rapid! Buy the Yeti instead, because it really worth the extra money and it’s a much better car than the Rapid!

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