Cadillac Escalade Russian Review


  • Great design
  • Automatic side steps
  • Led headlights
  • Comfortable suspension
  • Nice interior
  • New electronic gadgets
  • The car is so big, that you can shoot a porn movie inside


  • Old suspension
  • Old engine
  • Bad handling
  • You can’t really stop the car in extreme situations
  • Brake discs are small as mammoth’s shit
  • Weak brakes
  • It’s huge as a bus
  • Huge fuel consumption
  • Even with 420 hp it’s not very fast because of the huge weight

Technically it’s a very old car. It has old suspension, old engine, and old gearbox. There isn’t a big technical difference in these things between this new, and the previous model. However, the new model has better quality and it’s full of new electronics/new gadgets. It’s a very comfortable, big suv which is not very practical because of its huge weigh, huge body and huge fuel consumption. Yes, it has a very reliable 420 hp 6.2 l V8, yes it looks good from outside/inside and yes it has so much room inside, that you can live there. But is this all really necessary?

Cadillac Escalade Review, Russian language / English subtitles

These test-drives can be described as:

When money doesn’t matter.
Public roads. No speed limits. No censure.

Unique Russian humor and atmosphere.
This is not a usual car review. This is a show.

All the cars have been taken from regular rich people, not directly from manufacturers or dealerships, that’s why these test-drives contain absolutely independent and honest opinion of person who has driven a lot of exotic cars.

Eric Davidich (real name: David Kituashvili) is the most famous Russian car-fan, big fan of BMW and just good quality cars. Previous personal Eric’s cars: Mercedes G 55 AMG “Pitbull”, BMW M5 E60 “Shadow”, Nissan GTR. Now he owns BMW X5 M “Gold Edition” extremely tuned for 24 million rubles ($400,000). Each his car becomes a legend of the Russian streets.

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