Used 2006 Nissan Pathfinder Review


Pathfinder should look for possibly the best way. But, what should it do next? What should a successful pathfinder do after finding the proper way? It should easily overcome it, shouldn't it? I think that Nissan Pathfinder is able to manage this...
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Used BMW 528i E39 Review


Old, not an eco-friendly, uneconomical, impractical BMW? No. From my point of view it is still a fast, quiet, comfortable and a dynamic car which has a timeless design, very good passive safety (strong body, thicker body panels etc.) and...

2015 Skoda Yeti Review


Skoda Yeti is actually not a bad car at all. Yes, it has some disadvantages like the not very comfortable rear seats, the basic plastic steering wheel, inside plastic door handles (but you can pay extra for the leather package) or...

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