So, what do we got here…I can see, I can see, wait. What the fuck am I looking at?!

A big convertible orange thing with 4 wheels. Hmm…

Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe. That’s a long name, and guess what? It’s even longer because this is the Beverly Hills edition! The car is old but the edition is new! This vehicle was introduced in 2007, so it’s lifecycle is surely coming to the end. In Rolls Royce they’ve said something like; this edition is bright as the sun set on the Pacific Coast Highway. Well, I think they should have used some darker orange paint on the car, because this is too bright for me. Anyway, the color combination of the interior is very nice, but you can see that it’s more than a little bit outdated. However, despite of the outdated interior the Phantom Drophead Coupe still looks pretty good, and it’s still a very expensive, well made, big, heavy but powerful machine.


You can also check out the Full in Depth Tour of the Phantom Drophead Coupe!

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