Tesla Model S. An interesting car. I don’t really like it, but ok, it’s not the best, but also it’s not the worst car in the world.

I get it, it can’t attract a lot attention in a bigger city. Especially, when it’s in basic/boring colors like black, dark blue or grey… You can improve this very easily. Just put some matte color on it/repaint it, or the better solution is the matte car wrap. You can choose various color combinations, it can attract more attention, it can look better and last but not least the car wrap is protecting the original paint of the car. This is the good idea.

The bad idea is on the pictures. As you can see the Japanese Office-K decided to put chrome wrap on this Tesla. It simply can’t fit on this car. Beside the chrome wrap, it has a body-kit, the suspension is lowered and we can’t forget the 22-inch rims made by Forgiato.

It definitely attracts A LOT attention, but not because of the good looks…


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