The Volvo V90 Cross Country is some kind of an off-road Volvo. But it won’t have air suspension or low range gearbox, so the off road capability of the car will be quite low. Of course the suspension it’s raised by 65 mm (2.5 in) compared to the normal V90, so the ground clearance is 218 mm (8.5 in) and it’s equipped with a 4 wheel drive system and that’s all. Yes the exterior design is really great (it looks better than the BMW 5 series or the Audi A6), but the interior is not so awesome. The Fiat Panda steering wheel is horrible, then there is the strange tablet and those strange air vents…

The engines will be probably the same as in the normal V90 model.


This car should be quality made and it should withstand a lot, but you know, it is a new car and the quality of cars made today is, not the best. Another funny thing. They said (guys from Volvo), that they tested this car in Sweden, you know in cold weather, so according to them it will be for 100% a great car which will withstand a lot! You know what? Fuck them! Every fucking car maker is doing tests in cold weather countries like Norway or Sweden. It’s nothing fucking special to do tests there. Volvo as the other car makers too, must reduce the production cost of every car. So I wouldn’t expect that this Volvo will withstand more than a regular Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Ford, VW etc.

However the desing of the car is great, it’s really great…


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