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Old, not an eco-friendly, uneconomical, impractical BMW?

No. From my point of view it is still a fast, quiet, comfortable and a dynamic car which has a timeless design, very good passive safety (strong body, thicker body panels etc.) and a great build quality. It is an older car, what can be a problem for someone, but certainly not for me.

This particular model was produced from 1995 until 2004. The price for this kind of a car range from 500€/552$ (the cheapest in Germany) to 39,900€/44,121$ (the top version M5 in top condition). The price difference is very big. The most important is the condition of the particular car! How many kilometers it has and when it was made is not so important.

It is logical that a 5 series in bad condition will not offer such a great driving experience like the one in top condition. So the 5 series E39 in good condition can overcome without any problems today’s middle class cars in almost every way (handling, comfort,build quality, engines).

In the attached video you will see a 1997 BMW 528i E39. The interior of the car still looks very good, just the front seats are more worn. The body of the car is still rigid and the interior is quiet. In the video I did not mention 8 cylinder engines-they are more powerful than the 6 cylinders, they have better sound and the average consumption is around 12 L (19.6 mpg).

The top version-M5 is an incredibly good car, but the running costs are 2 or 3 times higher than the normal 5 series has.


BMW 528i E39 Review













The old BMW 5 series is still a great car.When you want to buy one,be carefull and check it properly.If you found one in great condition,you can buy it with no worries.

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    Marko Beguš

    July 20, 2018 at 9:53 pm

    I bought a preaty solid 528i 99′ yesterday. i’ve driven lots of cars so far and owned quite a few myself. there are some age related flaus, but the car itself if truly another level of quality. The engine is UNBELIVABLY GOOD!! The link below quite validates that. My friend had almost 700.000km without a problem but then crasht it. The one i bought is 385.000, and runs smooth as new! double vanos baby! My dreamis a m5 39, among many other cars ofcourse, but for now a 538i will do. E39 is a classic.. the last real bMW.

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