Volkswagen Touareg II 3.0 TDI


What shoud I say about the second generation VW Touareg?

Firstly, it’s far more reliable than the first generation was, and of course it has lots of new modern equipment. However, what is lagging behind in comparison with the first generation is, the variety of optional equipment. In the included video, I will mention the simpler air conditioning, then in this new generation, you can’t electrically adjust the front headrests in the front seats, and last but not least, you can’t set the height of the seat belts in the rear. But, it’s interesting that in the previous generation you could. Of course, you can say, that it’s useless to lament over such little things, but by these little things you can see, that the automakers are trying to save money on every new model.

But otherwise, this second generation is a very good car, it’s very quiet, comfortable, safe, and we can say that it’s even multifunctional.

Volkswagen Touareg II 3.0 TDI

This particular piece, is one of the first ever made and it has already driven 142 000 km (88 234 mi). During this time the rear wheel bearing, the driver’s window regulator and one fuse broke down. Regular service and oil change was obvious. The car makes no disturbing noises, the body is very rigid, also the axles. The air suspension with the other various electronics works very well, like the first day. It’s all right, but you should realize that 142 000 km (88 234 mi) for such a car is (or it should be) not a big thing.

Check out the video, to find out more!













The second generation VW Touareg is a good car. It is very multifunctional, so it does not really stand out in anything for 100%, but this is a common problem of all the new SUV cars.

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