Somebody is calling this a car commercial? Really? And somebody likes this sh*t on the screen?

Are you fu*king kidding me or what?

In the previous article Audi Q7 – The Legend? you could see a VERY GOOD and CREATIVE car commercial which has quality. But this? This Opel commercial is an absolute disaster. An absolute world ranking bullsh*t. Ok I admit, that I don’t like the Opel brand. I don’t like the Opel cars and I don’t like the Opel commercials. But I really hate this one.


On the other side I like one thing in this fu*king ridiculous commercial. I like the 5 luxury class cars (even if I don’t know why they put there a Volvo!?).

Last but not least, the whole Opel marketing is ridiculous and that is sad, very sad. Because Opel can, or rather could make good cars, but with this marketing, they won’t improve their sales, their qualities or their image either…

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