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Audi A7 (C7/4G) 2010-2018

The Audi A7 is based on the 4th generation A6, so they are using basically the same engines, technologies and they have almost identical...

Mercedes E 55 AMG, E63 AMG (W211) 2003-2009

A casual widely used German taxi which has an awesome V8 engine under the hood. This is the rough description of the AMG...

BMW M5 (F10) 2011-2017

I was somehow lucky enough to drive this BMW M5 F10 for 3 weeks, and I have to tell you, it was f$cking awesome!

Lexus GS (S190) 2005-2011

Audi A6, BMW 5 series and the Mercedes E class. These are, or these were the rivals of the third generation Lexus...

BMW M5 (E60) 2005-2010

After the older legendary BMW M5 E39 came this. An M5 which upgraded the well-known driving pleasure to the next level. Thanks...

Lexus LS (USF40) 2007-2017

The 4th generation Lexus LS is definitely an overlooked, forgotten car at least in Europe, because most of the people here rather buy...

Volvo XC90

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BMW M5 (F10) 2011-2017

BMW X5 (F15) 2013-2018