Bentley Continental GT, GTC, Flying Spur 2003-2012

You can buy a new Breitling watch for around 31 000 €, or you can also buy a smaller Breitling watch for less than 31 000...

BMW M5 (F10) 2011-2017

I was somehow lucky enough to drive this BMW M5 F10 for 3 weeks, and I have to tell you, it was f$cking awesome!


Volvo XC90

VW Touareg II (7P) 2010-2018

Europe → Slovakia → Bratislava → The Volkswagen factory This is the place where the second generation Touareg was...

Alfa Romeo 159 – 2005-2011

Alfa Romeo 159. An Italian good looking but unreliable car? Well, at least this is what lots of people think about this Alfa Romeo. But...

VW Phaeton 2002-2016

The most expensive, the most luxurious and the most underrated VW ever made. That’s the over-engineered VW Phaeton, or the budget Bentley...

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