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Nissan 350Z

Lexus LS (USF40) 2007-2017

The 4th generation Lexus LS is definitely an overlooked, forgotten car at least in Europe, because most of the people here rather buy...

Mercedes CLS (W218) 2011-2018

It looks good, it’s well built and it’s based on the Mercedes E-class W212 platform which means that it should be reliable. And it...

Lexus GS (S190) 2005-2011

Audi A6, BMW 5 series and the Mercedes E class. These are, or these were the rivals of the third generation Lexus...

Bentley Continental GT, GTC, Flying Spur 2003-2012

You can buy a new Breitling watch for around 31 000 €, or you can also buy a smaller Breitling watch for less than 31 000...


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Audi A7 (C7/4G) 2010-2018

Audi Q7 (4L) 2005-2015